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E25 Edge Trim 3.0m Length

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The E25 Edge Trim – where function meets aesthetics. Designed to deliver crisp finishing touches, this trim is an essential element for professional and immaculate plasterboard installations.


E25 Edge Trim has been meticulously designed for creating sharp horizontal or vertical straight edges, either at the conclusion of a plasterboard run or where specific features like skirting rebates or door frame adjacencies are sought. Its versatile nature means it can be effectively used for both wall and ceiling applications, ensuring consistency in your design elements.


Stretching to a generous 3.0m in length, this trim promises ample coverage and reduced wastage. It not only enhances the structural integrity of plasterboard installations but also imparts a polished, clean look to your interiors. With the E25 Edge Trim, ensure every edge speaks of perfection.


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