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Here at ADA Fastfix, our mission is to always put people at the forefront of our business. That's why we've created this knowledge centre; to provide expert advice at the click of a button. We'll be regularly updating this space with new content, so make sure you pop back to see how else ADA Fastfix can help you.

Plasterboard Post

How To Cut Plasterboard Sheets

One of the most useful DIY skills you can learn is to cut and fix plasterboard, as it’s such a versatile material that can be used for a number of projects. But not knowing how to cut it correctly could be holding you back from using it effectively. These tips will ensure you’ll be proficient in cutting plasterboard sheets in next to no time.

Tiles Blog Post

How To Grout And Regrout Your Tiles

Tiling is a task that looks incredibly complicated, but with the right tools and knowledge, it’s something that you can tackle as a DIYer.

Wall Prep

How To Repair Cracks and Holes in Walls

Repairing cracks and holes in the walls depends on where they’re located and the material they’re made from – here’s our guide on repairing these signs of damage properly.

Laminate and Wooding Flooring

How To Prepare Your Room For New Flooring - Laminate and Wood

This type of flooring isn’t attached to the subfloor, so it floats over the top of your existing floorboards. In most cases, you can finish an entire room in one day. But - preparation is key to ensuring the final result is professional and smooth – here are some tips on how to prepare your room for new flooring.

Skirting Board Post

How To Fit Skirting Board In Place Step By Step Guide

Read on to discover how to fit skirting boards in place, whether you’re starting fresh or replacing existing ones!

Thin Joint Blockwork

Here's Everything Worth Knowing About Thin Joint Blockwork

Masonry remains the most popular construction system in the UK, and with modern techniques and materials available, it’s an attractive option in terms of structure for self-builders and renovators. Thin joint blockwork is one of the top options, providing a host of benefits, including speed and efficiency. Here’s what you need to know about thin joint blockwork and why you should consider it for your project.

How To Insulate Your Home With Plasterboard

It’s important to choose the correct type of insulation to ensure the job gets done properly. Different areas of the home require different techniques! Insulating a loft or roof space with plasterboard, for example, involves a different method than insulating a cavity wall would require. 

How To Fit An Access Panel

Access panels are both convenient and useful within the home. They eliminate the need to cause any kind of demolition to a room when you need to gain access to faucets and valves.