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Here at ADA Fastfix, our mission is to always put people at the forefront of our business. That's why we've created this knowledge centre; to provide expert advice at the click of a button. We'll be regularly updating this space with new content, so make sure you pop back to see how else ADA Fastfix can help you.

How to Block Noise from Your Neighbours

If you have noisy neighbours, finding solitude can be difficult. Luckily, there are ways to reduce surrounding noise with DIY projects or home upgrades. Here are some tips on how to block noise from your neighbours.

Access Panel Blog

Access Panel Rules and Regulations That You Must Know

Access panels allow for easy access into ceilings and wall voids. They can be used for multiple purposes, but you must adhere to legal requirements when planning where to put them.

How To Operate A Holesaw

How To Operate A Holesaw

Whether you have a specific DIY project in mind or are wanting to expand your knowledge of tools and their uses, knowing how to operate a hole saw is beneficial. From safety tips to the materials you can use, here’s an instruction guide on how to use a hole saw.

Corded VS Cordless Power Tools

Corded vs. Cordless Power Tools: Which Is Better?

If you’re wondering whether to opt for a corded or cordless power tool, we’ve provided you with all the information needed to make the right decision. Whether you’re starting a new DIY project, or are looking to expand your tool collection, here’s everything you need to know about cordless vs corded power tools.

Construction Workers PPE

Construction Worker's Checklist: PPE

PPE is used in multiple industries, from hospitals and surgeries to cleaning and construction. PPE is important in construction, in particular, due to the various hazards that can occur for workers within the trade. Falling debris, low light visibility and heavy equipment are all examples of the factors that can risk a worker’s health and safety while on a construction site.

Building Regs Blog

Understanding Building and Planning Regulations

Building and planning regulations can be a confusing topic, especially for new homeowners who haven’t dealt with such information before. That being said, they are both important and necessary to certain changes and developments you want to make, and while they can often feel like restraints against your plans, their key purpose is to ensure both you and the environment around you is kept safe. Here’s everything you need to know in order to understand building and planning regulations.

Fire Extinguisher Blog

Importance Of Fire Protection In The Construction Industry

Due to the hazards that can potentially occur when working in construction, it’s vital that the risk of a fire is understood by everyone on site. With this in mind, all workers should be aware of both the fire safety measures and procedures put in place to ensure these risks are reduced as much as possible.

Beginners Guide To Power Tools

Crafts, construction work and everyday repairs are all made simpler with help from power tools - just as long as you know which one you need and how it works. To assist with every project you have planned, here’s your beginners guide to power tools.

Business Blog

8 Top Tips For Setting Up A Construction Business

Building a business is an exciting venture, but it’s one that needs careful planning and evaluation in order to achieve success. From networking right through to managing your resources, here are 8 top tips for setting up a construction business.