We have a range of Plastering Beads at ADA Fastfix including; plasterboard edges, standard angles, stop beads and thin coat angles. These versatile plastering beads are great for creating smooth corners and also add an extra element of protection to help protect delicate edges.

Plastering beads have become an indispensable part of plastering operations. Use of the appropriate beads greatly reduces the time taken in forming sharp corner edges, ends stops and other details. Moreover they offer protection and reinforcement to vulnerable or fragile plaster edges, from chipping, cracking and impact damage.

All beads should be fixed using plaster or render dabs or the appropriate fixings and can also be wire tied to the face of metal lathing backgrounds. All of our plaster corner and straight beads are available in a range of lengths which can be cut to size using tinsnips or shears.

If you’re using plastering beads for internal use then our galvanised steel beads are the perfect choice while for outdoor applications our stainless steel or UPVc beads will provide a weatherproof finish. No matter what you’re looking for, at ADA Fastfix we’d be happy to help you out and find the right solution for you.

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