Trend 900 Pro Worktop Jig

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The Trend KWJ900Pro is a revolutionary new worktop jib that caters to all types of worktop including, Laminate, compact laminate, solid wood, square-edged, and normal post form.

Designed with varying masons mitor indents at 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 24mm, and 35mm.

This jig is suitable to reference both male and female joints from the front edge of the worktop and is suitable to cater to worktops from 100mm up to 900mm but Where this jig shines are its ability to easily cater to out of square worktop joints with ease.

This jig is fully demountable to fit in a 350 X 350mm record bag case and can also be assembled to create a small worktop jig (ideal for bathroom worktops). Can also be assembled to mimic the 750pro jig, or to fully extend to a 900mm cutting capacity