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Dewalt Tstak DAB Radio & Charger

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Introducing the new Dewalt T-STAK Job Site Radio and Battery Charger with XR 18v and FLEXVOLT battery compatibility! The DWST1-81079 offers FM, AM and DAB+, with a 45 Watt Output. As its TSTAK, it features the usual stacking latches and also incorporates shock absorbing rubber bumbers on all 4 corners to ensure tough on site protection. This heavy duty site radio has 2 mid range speakers on the front, 2 more mid range speakers on the back as well as 2 powerful sub-woofers on the bottom, in combination providing brilliant sound quality. The radio can be controlled remotely via your Android or Apple device using the DeWalt Mobile App, allowing for complete control of the device on site, and with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), you stay connected without sacrificing your battery.

The DAB T-STAK Site Radio also feautures a full colour & rotating screen for album art, easily editable preset DAB and FM radio stations, an intergrated music player that allows streaming music of your own, USB charger, 3.5mm Auxiliary and a large IP54 rated storage and battery compartment.


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