Brooms & Brushes

Cleanliness is key and we can help you maintain high standards with our range of brooms and brushes. We have different sizes and types to cover different types of jobs from 36” brooms to hand brushes. Our range consists of hard bristled and soft bristled brooms and brushes which allows for sweeping inside and outside.

You will see that we have 2 main types of brooms; Bass and Coco. Coco brooms are soft bristled perfect for sweeping fine debris and other mess you may find indoors. Bass brooms are hard bristled and are perfect for tough jobs and mess that you would most likely find outdoors. Need a new handle? Not a problem! We stock replacement head to fit our Bass and Coco brooms.

Whether on site or at home we at ADA can provide you with the equipment to make sure your worksite stays clean and tidy.

With over 20 years’ experience, ADA Fastfix has a long history of supplying trade customers with a full range of site equipment, accessories, drylining materials and fixings.

Regardless of what you’re looking for at ADA Fastfix, we’ve got a wide range of solutions to suit. Browse our wide range of products or get in touch with our sales team today on 01494 478 478 for further assistance.

Brooms & Brushes
18inch Coco Platform Broom

18" Coco Platform Broom

Stock Code: BRUSH032

£7.74 (inc VAT)

24inch Bass Pathway Broom

24" Bass Pathway Broom

Stock Code: BRUSH006

£8.94 (inc VAT)

24inch Coco Platform Broom

24" Coco Platform Broom

Stock Code: BRUSH007

£8.94 (inc VAT)

36inch Coco Platform Broom

36" Coco Platform Broom

Stock Code: BRUSH016

£14.70 (inc VAT)

PY2 10inch Broom Head c/w Handle

PY2 10" Broom Head c/w Handle

Stock Code: BRUSH015

£6.90 (inc VAT)

12inch Coco Broom c/w Handle

12" Coco Broom c/w Handle

Stock Code: BRUSH022

£4.74 (inc VAT)

12inch Bass Broom c/w Handle

12" Bass Broom c/w Handle

Stock Code: BRUSH023

£4.74 (inc VAT)

Banister Bass Hand Brush

Banister Bass Hand Brush

Stock Code: BRUSH001

£2.03 (inc VAT)